If you have a Security Benefit Total Value Annuity, you may have legal rights you need to protect and the opportunity to recover damages.

  • Are you disappointed with your Total Value Annuity?
  • Did the person who recommended you purchase this annuity describe it as an investment with “great up-side potential”  or by saying “there is a floor, but no ceiling” on this investment to imply that investors could make significant returns with no risk of losing money?
  • Were you led to believe that your money would be protected from the volatility of the stock market and that the annuity was a “safe money” investment?
  • Have you seen virtually no interest earnings credited to your Total Value Annuity over the last five years— even though the stock market has been performing well?

The Total Value Annuity has not lived up to the projections used to sell it.

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Our law firm is investigating the Total Value Annuity and the advisors who sold it. In some cases, “advisors” who sold the annuities were licensed only as life insurance sales agents, and were not licensed or trained as actual investment advisors who must meet much higher ethical and compliance standards.  Meanwhile, Security Benefit paid its sales agents incredibly high commissions on the sales of this product at the expense of the annuity purchasers.

This annuity is commonly sold by insurance agents who describe themselves as financial advisors or retirement planning specialists. Unfortunately, their recommendation of the Total Value Annuity for many clients resulted in:

  • Very low, or even no rates of return
  • 5-year lock-ins that prevent you from changing investment choices
  • High surrender charge penalties if you want out of the annuity in less than 15 years

It is one thing to invest your savings based on expectations of good returns with no downside risk, but many customers have become concerned when they try to change their investment or withdraw money from this disappointing investment. As the annuity continues to pay very low to no returns year after year, investors seeking to move their money find that they are locked in and unable to access their funds or make different investment choices.  the incredibly high surrender penalties mean that escaping this faulty investment will cost you dearly.

Investors may have legal rights they need to protect, including claims against Security Benefit. Contact us today to arrange for a free case evaluation by one of our attorneys.

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