When we use products, we have every right to trust that they are safe and suited for their particular purpose. Many products, however, prove to be defective. When those defects cause serious injury or death, the attorneys of Badham & Buck are experienced counsel ready to provide legal recourse to individuals and class-action groups seeking remedy for the loss, pain and suffering caused by faulty products, including equipment, devices, materials, even over-the-counter and prescription drugs. No case is too complex – in fact, the more challenging the claim, the more you need a legal firm that knows the ins and outs of the law and how to exact justice from companies that have made errors, cut corners or hidden information that led to personal injury or death.

Badham & Buck has extensive experience in product liability law, both from the side of the consumer and from the side of business. Occasionally a person or group may initiate a lawsuit against a company whose products have been misused or mishandled, and this misuse is what caused injury. In such cases, the lawyers of Badham & Buck provide rigorous defense against false or faulty claims against companies eager to protect their names and reputations.