Areas of Practice

The law firm of Badham & Buck combines the experience and influence of a large practice with the focused attention and affordability one might expect only from a modest firm. Our consideration of our clients and ability to support and defend businesses and individuals across a wide array of practice areas has earned our legal team considerable accolades, yet we maintain that the strength of our reputation depends on what we can do for clients today and going forward. We are committed to earning each and every client’s trust and satisfaction, and to providing responsible and aggressive representation.

Our team of attorneys shares extensive experience representing plaintiffs and defendants across a wide array of legal actions involving businesses, government entities, consumers and catastrophic injury/death.

General Litigation

General Litigation covers most legal actions, including written and oral contract disputes, faulty consumer transactions and much more.

Business Torts

We have a wealth of experience prosecuting and defending tort claims for and against businesses of every size, from fledgling start-ups to large multinational corporations.

Appellate Practice

Our attorneys have experience handling all aspects of the appellate process in both state and federal courts.


Commercial Litigation

We represent businesses of all sizes and across a variety of industries in all manner of commercial legal actions in state and federal courts.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

We have significant experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving significant personal injury.

Financial Services Litigation

We have an esteemed record of representing financial institutions in complex cases.


Class Actions

Badham & Buck has both prosecuted and defended state and national class action litigation, partnering with other firms when needed.

Products Liability

When a product, whether a machine, device or drug, causes harm, our legal team has the experience to handle your case.

Qui Tam Actions

“Whistleblowers” who sue a person or entity for federal government fraud can rely on our legal team to deliver fair and experienced representation.


Shareholder Derivative Actions

We have a solid history of representing shareholders against corporations and management, as well as defending corporations against unfair claims.